IC-7300 Audio Streaming

Contest live score
Apache reverse proxy, Icecast2, BUTT broadcaster, Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Mono, 8Kbps sampling, FLAC Audio codec
  • 10 seconds buffer delay
  • CW contests educational purposes only !

YO8RXP Antenna Smart Switch -Work in progress

Nextion HMI, DIY and hamradio altogether !

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Great operators, Great contest ! Largest H.F. contest. Best of the best yes sir !!! I ran YP0K callsing for

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Home made BLF188 QRO

During big cw contests a good QRO will improve overall score. Many hams use tubes, others use transistors, home made

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WPX 2020 CW

This was my 1’s time WPX contest ever in 25 years as ham radio. More elegant contest than CQWW while

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