Why Si5351 needs bandpass filtering

Si5351 @16 Mhz without filtering

Si5351 @16 Mhz with filtering​

IC-7300 Audio Streaming

Contest live score
Apache reverse proxy, Icecast2, BUTT broadcaster, Let's Encrypt SSL
  • Mono, 8Kbps sampling, FLAC Audio codec
  • 10 seconds buffer delay
  • CW contests educational purposes only !

YO8RXP Antenna Smart Switch -Work in progress

Nextion HMI, DIY and hamradio altogether !

My recent hamradio articles

HF contest secondary receiver

Pseudo SO2R HF system. Hi. To be more productive in HF cw contests, I decided to design and build a

Hamradio contest evaluator software

Hamradio contest evaluator Latest code here Purpose To help Romanian hamradio comunity Actual status Work in progress What it can

Teensy 4.6 SDR

Work in progress Contest transceiver Teensy 4.6 SDR Yet another hamradio project I am working on As hamradio, I love


CQ YODX DE YP0K Hardware Transceiver IC-7300 Antenna 3 sloped radials vertical antenna Amplifier Home made tube QRO QSO’s 565

YO8RXP radio shack -work in progress

YO8RXP radio shack — Smart home controller For the love of coding… Xiaomi BLE temperature sensors, Raspberry Pi, Python, HTML ,

CQ WW CW 2021

For the love of contest : SOSB-A 40 meters High Power CQ WW CW 2021 – YP0K Nothing but contest

Live score

YP0K LIVE SCORE – N1MM BROADCAST DATA Contest Only ! YP0K Live N1MM score broadcast N1MM broadcast datagrams are sent

N1MM WordPress Live score

How to interface N1MM live score with WordPress Go to YORXP live score Enable Score broadcast N1MM has this feature

WPX CW 2021 – MM Distributed

A Team is more than the sum of its partsTogether can produce more quality than “Distributed”Covid 19 fake or truth,

Antenna tower

Have a question? mailto: My home made antenna tower Goal is to design and build a low height antenna

HA-DX contest 2021

I will remember it as one of the greatest contest I’ve been involved in. I’ve run it as SOSB 40

CQ WW CW 2020

Great operators, Great contest ! Largest H.F. contest. Best of the best yes sir !!! I ran YP0K callsing for

Home made BLF188 QRO

During big cw contests a good QRO will improve overall score. Many hams use tubes, others use transistors, home made