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10.1 inches Touch Antenna inteli-switch - Work in progress

Nextion Touch controls, Ptt distinct RX/TX antenna, manual azimuth,N1MM auto azimuth, Windows app, Serial live cluster

Coming soon !

IC-7300 contest live audio streaming - icecast

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Antenna tower

Have a question? mailto: My home made antenna tower Goal is to design and build a low height antenna

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CQ WW CW 2020

Great operators, Great contest ! Largest H.F. contest. Best of the best yes sir !!! I ran YP0K callsing for

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Hi dear hams. YODX HF contest is due to 29-30 August 2020. Organized by FRR, not perfect as rules definition

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WPX 2020 CW

This was my 1’s time WPX contest ever in 25 years as ham radio. More elegant contest than CQWW while

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