Ongoing Projects

10.1 inches Touch Antenna inteli-switch - Work in progress

Touch Screen Control Panel

Using an intelligent Nextion 10.1 inches capacitive display, I can use its own 8 GPIO for input / output relays control
Of course, having only 8 GPIO and 12 remote relays, I have to design my own CD4028 binary to decimal converter, 3 by 3 for antennas and aux relays. Another pin will be used as TCVR PTT sensing to switch RX /TX antenna, and another one hopefully to interface with rotator control in the future.
Via serial port, the main screen will get messages from cluster, power amplifier and transceiver.Due to display relative latency, probably will have to set TCVR TX delay to 30 milliseconds but will be tested once project is done.

Separate RX and TX Antenna Selection

Short press selects RX Antenna , long press for TX antenna . Also, another 6 AUX relays are used for HF wire beam azimuth change. Using Nextion serial via FTDI, a windows app written in dotnet can control same resources as touch panel, for remote operations.

Coming soon !

IC-7300 contest live audio streaming - icecast

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