IARU R1 UHF 2023 contest

Hamradio is all about having fun !




Everything at our fingertips !

2 cars, 2 men. One crib, one transceiver, one laptop ! We got covered, aint it ? Nope ! We just realize we need antenna system also, cannot do radio without it, hi hi !

From the inside

Antenna system

A modest but yet effective 4 x 5 elements antenna system was built for 432 mhz only.

Impedance adapter

4 x 37 ohms adapters were needed to increase each antenna 28 ohms to 50 ohms impedance

4 x 50 ohms splitter

2 x 3 lambda/8 adapters were neded to transform each 2 antenna set from 25  to 100 and back to 50 ohms as a whole.

Radio tower

Radio tower is just a tower with a radio on top, right ?  9 meters aluminium telescopic mast was used, with a special ball bearing and flange to support guy ropes  


An old FT-897D with 20 W output was used. During contest, coaxial developed a crack and got severed. Not having extra connectors, we soldered it ugly style but SWR raised up to 1.6, so output power decreased a bit.


Good mood, good food, good drinks. Quite windy, the shed had to be re enforced and some small rain in the morning. Quite a pleasant day I would say !

Smile and enjoy hamradio. At the end of the day, good memories are the most important !