How to crash a brand new BLF188XR

Youtube bullsh…it about BLF188 being indestructible !

The test there was made using 100 Mhz pulse signal 1% duty cycle.

The wire used as “SHORTCUT” is a hefty 3 cm long at least, so at 100 Mhz compute the reactive inductance !!!

I made a HF amplifier using plain old school knoledges but never got time to complete the protection for it. So when some pile of sh..t is hitting the fan then some if not all pile goes back.

I built a 20 meter delta loop at 10 meter high, SWR about 0 and pure 50 ohms load.Went into the shack, measured again and all fine there. Called VP2VB once and a big flame / bang was noticed from from my amp.Power off , remeasured all and  antenna was not presenting the same values but allmost infinite swr. WTF ????? went outside and  due to improper knots the pulley went down so entire loop was sitting on the ground.

Long story short.. I fuc..ked  it up again so another 200 USD went into oblivion.

Looked up over my software and wht do you know ? a lot of my own  arduino callbacks code doing nothing.

Life goes on people, many of Corona fatalities around the globe so burned BLF188 is the last problem in the world.

Cheers and 73’s


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