WPX 2020 CW

This was my 1’s time WPX contest ever in 25 years as ham radio.

More elegant contest than CQWW while prefix multi was best choice not making a favor to a specific country.

Decided to run for 20 meter band not assisted and RUN only (mostly).

Worked for about 32 hours with many pauses while back pain was messing me up again

I went for S&P for about 20 minutes entire contest and mostly RUN simply because I just wanna see what a RUN only can produce as score.

Antenna used was a 3 elements inverted vee @ 9 meters height with East / West relay instant flipping who produced impressive F/B ratio (about 30 dB) and 10 dBi gain @ 28 degrees.For the future I am willing to test how a PWM flip / flop using PIN diodes will work, to hear both direction with a certain degree of timeslots, then N1MM once I type in callsign via localhost broadcast to lock antenna on transmit to the computed azimuth.

USA traffic blossom  between 21 and 00 UTC but also many JA stations on long path ath that hour.

Overall score was 1600 QSO’s – 1,999,540 points but for 2021 will address the issues observed this year.

10 years ago many hams were talking about CW as a defunct working mode but hey !, more and more CW stations each year.

73’s and many congratulations to all participants.

Statistics :

  • 1574 valid QSO’s
  • 1089 QSO – Europe
  • 485   QSO – DX
  • 82 Countries
  • IC-7300 cannot cope with big guns nearby, bad clicks sound even on 100 Hz filter
  • Some stations were splattering more than should’ve
  • No LDMOS  BLF188 burned off
  • QRO  max temp 51 Celsius
  • No TVI – Common mode choke placed at the ground level
  • 5 liters of beer and 3 packs of cigarettes. (Gotta fix this problem)

6 November 2020 , WPX contest published cw final score


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