IC7300 and CW contest

Many hams do have ic7300 due to incredible functions, price and more…

It’s arrival was a turning point into relations between manufacturers and final customers as from that moment prices for second hand products got lower and new products have had to keep up with it.

For daily traffic I say there is not much to complain about CW filters, quality and the ease to operate.

For contest mode (CW) there is another story .During big contest where the stations density and power thrown into antennas grows bigger, it is harder and harder to keep up with IC-7300. Why ?

Filters are great, filters are narrow, what then ?

IMHO I would say that the single feature to make IC7300 great is the resilience to copy weak signal with a big gun nearby and I mean 250 Hz away. If that big gun is careless and splattering more than it should be , the problem gets worse. IP+ function does a great nothing.On 20 meters band IP+ will even introduce some extra noise. Testing TCVR on benchmark is one, testing it on WPX cw contest is another story.On benchmark I can easily separate a S9+30 carrier from a S1 just about 200 Hz away, no problem.On real antenna, real contest and  many KW’s running full break nearby simply render 7300 as useless.I lost many stations during last WPX contest and been forced to move away just to get rid off splattering station. It is sad but true.I’ve heard TS450 doing better in same conditions.

Bottom line is : what you pay for is what you get !!Wondering why contest TCVR’s are so expensive ?

Truly yours, Gabriel yo8rxp

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