Iaru R1 UHF contest 2020

Iaru R1  432 Mhz Contest 2020  – 75 W and 4 x 20 elements yagi

Hi. Same team YO8ROO, YO8SHU and me YO8RXP decided long time before contest to build and test 4 x 20 elements yagi.But as usual, the H metallic frame and  3 wavelenghts /4  combiner was done 1 day prior, and all measurements and tuning few hours before contest.

Robert YO8SHU was kind enough to use his own RV camper van and also 3KVA power generator to provide 220V a.c.

Dan YO8ROO built all antennas and provided his IC9100 tcvr too.

We did our best tuning each antenna and the 2 impedance adapters to minimize overall SWR. Instead of connectors I used soldering and did my best to set all cables perfectly symmetrical, but TCVR shown 1.3 instead of  1.19 measured with a small VNA.

Plenty of food aka barbeque and liquids enough to feed 10 hungry men.

The contest itself was not spectacular as tropo was bad, just about half of QSO were made using AP reflections, but the weather was absolutely beautiful.

The orientation system was hand lever adjusting and yelling to each other. Good mood, good weather, good food and good wives to let us be crazy.

Contest results: only 30 QSO’s , average QRB 341.4 Km and just 10000 points give or take.

Most funny moments was feeding gas to the power generator while misfiring,  laughing our asses of all stupid jokes we could’ve remember and watching Nero , Dan’s pet dog jumping around his tail.


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