40 meters est-west flip 3 elements Inverted Vee antenna

40 meters band 3 elements inverted vee’s

John Snow said that winter is coming.It is true, feels like yesterday doing sun bath on the beach.

Best regards to Ron, ve3vn for nice article as inspiration source.

Winter is getting 4o Meters band more close to our hearts, and mine too.Vertical antenna 4 radials ? what is  that nonsense ? Big boyz need big guns like yagi or minimum half square.I cannot do half square on my country house, there is no space to do that on 20×20 meters flat ground field.So I decided to go for 3 elements inverted Vee’s where main lobe is getting 8.6 dBi @ 41 degrees.Why that instead of DX only ground plane ? …coz I really hate ground radials.It gets in the way, looks bad and takes a lot of space. CQ WW is there yet soon, most of QSO’s are made within EU and  so forth.Good gain over Eu, good gain for DX and most of it I can get rid off Est or West for just about 20-30 dB F/B hunting dx’es.

I just simply love wire antennas , competing with big guns, making big signals from home made stuffez and wooden poles. Next year hopefully will do a 11 meters radio tower , base support being already done like 1 cubical meter of concrete and steel.

Tech informations:

  • 3 wood poles 11 meters height and spaced 7.15 meters apart (initial mmana computing)
  • 10 meters apart of each base to ground guy rope
  • coaxial is fed via 2.25:1 impedance transformer to center inverted vee (17  – 22 ohms antenna impedance).
  • relay box  switching 1.8 uH inductance for 1’st  and 3’rd element, one normal close and second normal open, where inductance is shortened or not with  12 V coils without power , and reversed if coils are energized (East or Weast).
  • Lenghts is 10.5 meters for central inverted vee, 10.15 meters for 1’st and 3’rd element (using insulated wire, it might vary depending by many factors ) each side
  • Coils are made using 16 turns over a T68/2 toroid cores. Make sure inductance is 1.8 uH using inductance meter measurements including relay parasitic insertions.

MMANA file definition :

0.0, 0.0, 10.72, 0.0, -8.10235, 3.91849, 8.000e-04, -1
0.0, 0.0, 10.72, 0.0, 8.10235, 3.91849, 8.000e-04, -1
7.15, 0.0, 10.72, 7.15, -7.895, 4.015, 8.000e-04, -1
7.15, 0.0, 10.72, 7.15, 7.895, 4.015, 8.000e-04, -1
-6.0, 0.0, 10.72, -6.0, -7.895, 4.015, 8.000e-04, -1
-6.0, 0.0, 10.72, -6.0, 7.895, 4.015, 8.000e-04, -1
1, 0
w2b, 0.0, 1.0
1, 1
w5b, 0, 1.8, 0.0, 0.0
800, 80, 2.0, 2
2, 0.0, 1, 20.0, 120, 60, 0.0

2 thoughts on “40 meters est-west flip 3 elements Inverted Vee antenna

  1. I have used 2-element wire beam and works excellent! It is easy to build, low cost… Three element beam with switching is used by EI8GQB. His QRZ site is full of many inspirating things and the evolution of contest site configuration is outstanding.

    1. Hi Petrik
      Yes indeed, wire antennas can be great unless is too close to ground.
      3 el in 40 meters do produce great results but can be difficult in large contests having big F/B ratio. To compensate this, will build and test a PWM switch and tx lock device, but probably in 2021.
      73 es gl
      Gabriel yo8rxp

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