Improving reception in CW was always a top priority of mine, contest or dx cq.

Having purchased a powerfull Sota Beam Vari audio DSP for an older project, I though why not buying another one and create a true spatial diversity headphones? While is just an ideea and was not tested yet, I cannot tell if this project could be any good or not. Ideea behind is such:

  • audio signal from  TCVR is sent to both DSP’s
  • Each DSP is driving half of headphones set
  • Left    DSP is set on 200 Hz bandwidth and centered on 400 Hz
  • Right DSP is set on 200 Hz bandwidth and centered on 500 Hz

So, cw signals in 400 – 500 Hz pitch range will be heard by both ears (Centered )  .

Signals within 300-400 Hz will be heard by left ear, and signals within 500-600 Hz will be heard by right ear.

In this way , our brain will truly distinct and separate signals depending by the pitch tone without purchasing expensive Heil headphones. A separate input level trimpot is required to balance signals depending of ears health.

Of course, this DSP having rotary encoder to set center and BW, each one can tune it where the pitch sound is better

Once this project will be done, I will post here the results and stereo audio recordings.

Cheers all, Gabriel

8 September 2020, Status Update

I have ordered the second DSP from SotaBeams, waiting for it to arrive.In the mean time I am looking in my junk box for audio amplifier and other components.


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