Hi dear hams. YODX HF contest is due to 29-30 August 2020.

Organized by FRR, not perfect as rules definition but could generate a lot of fun. Be there, run there !

I will be running for A.R.R. using special callsign YP0HQ  and only 20 meters this time, antenna tower still not ready so cannot work multiband.Too bad that FRR did not included SOSB CW category.

Hope to work as many stations as I can during this contest.Good luck and 73’s !

30 August 2020 update

YoDx HF contest has finished.Fun contest, quite pleased seeing good participation.

Propagation was not the greatest one but enough to work a lot of W stations and South America ones. SOSB 14 Mhz CW only even there is no such category unfortunately.

Same 3 elements wire flip antenna was used and QRO did not break this time which was a big surprise for me while I am well known as Gabriel the QRO destroyer.

Total run time about 11 Hours an 99.9 % RUN mode only.Overall i did 635 QSO’s and scored 162000 points.

73’s and many thanks to all hams running in this contest.

Gabriel yo8rxp.

Here is my 2020 YODX HF Cabrillo log

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