A Team is more than the sum of its parts
Together can produce more quality than "Distributed"
Covid 19 fake or truth, people are ment to live united not distributed
More important than Me is We
Think of us as a forest. Strong winds can make a tree fall down, but never an entire forest. A strong group can reborn any time as Phoenix bird from its own ash.
YP0K, for the love of CW contest
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YP0K WPX CW 2021 - from the inside

Miky YO5AJR@160M

One man show ! Bionic one as he thrived  up in 160 metres , I dare anyone to compete with him at His 80+ years old ! Wish you luck and hope myself to be as strong as he is . May the Force be you !

Karol YO2GL@80M

He got some strong emotions prior to contest, We could have Not achieve claimed score without him in in 80 meters band.He is also 80 + years old but forever young.I also dare you to compete him. The Force is strong in him !

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-04 at 16.54.58

Gabe YO8RXP@40M

There is not much to say about myself!. It is my 1’st time when got goose bumps as hamradio contester as Team. I ‘ve run many contests as SOSB but this one got deep into my soul. My respects to all of you . Do or do not , Not try 

Peter YO9RIJ@20M

He is one of his kind ! Sometimes impulsive but hey ! are’nt we all ? He made YP0K dream come true. I do listen to him, he is listening to me .. it is a pure simbiotic team work and even we do not agree sometimes, we do great job together !


Dan YO8ST@15M

Daniel YO4FHU@10M

Work in Progress ! Got sleepy so will edit this section next time. 73's

RUN MODE max QSO rates

  • High Voltage fuse blown away 2 times. during the contest
  • Cat scared the hell out of me during a night garden walk.
  • 3 elements inverted vee antenna was fine but gotta rebuild 2 elements vertical delta loop.
  • The honor was mine to be a part of such great team. 73's and good luck to you al