For the love of contest : SOSB-A 40 meters High Power

CQ WW CW 2021 - YP0K

Nothing but contest attracts best operators together

Sick of digital modes ? Too much technology ? I say CW is the favorite mode for best operators in the world !

I've been all around the word within 48 hours, no car, no plane .
just using radio waves.

It requires skills, resilience, some equipment and most of it , will to go for it.  

Why CW ? It is obsolete, aint it ?

CW Needs No Reason

CW is the Reason ! Obsolete is a state of mind !

YP0K - Romanian Contest Group​

Location : KN36PJ country house


Icom IC-7300 and extra home made 7 channels x 3 crystals Front End bandpass filter. Hard life while key clicks were the single reason this tcvr is not suitable for heavy contests.


Same old 3 elements inverted vee at 11 meters top height. Not good but not bad as flipping East / West is just simple as instant switching a knob. The bad is that not having omni mode, lost some points from Europe while CQ towards Asia.

Power amplifier

An old GU43b tube amplifier restored with hard work. Filament delay line using Arduino nano, new HT capacitors and tank coil, primed and new heat proof paint job on transformers, new sequencer for T/R relays. Still a lot to work on it for next year.


An old Dell laptop with extra monitor, 4G Asus wifi router, and the best one , my 2 cats looking at me while CQ.

From the latest :

As a novelty, I did manage to broadcast audio stream from transceiver to my website using icecast, BUTT broadcaster app and apache reverse proxy. Also, a custom python app written on my server made possible to live broadcast N1MM score and frequency  into my wordpress website using AJAX.

For the future:

Will have to have my home made QRO finished. Also, my antenna touch screen smart switch is almost done. As my flip wire 3 elements antenna does not have omnidirectional mode, some improvements are needed here. Also, entire transceiver image will be virtualized exactly ""As it is". Buttons, knobs, display... all of it.
Young people are reluctant to old tech until they see something "Live" . Of course, will do my best to make a CW live audio to text live decoder on my website.All of it requires knoledges, spare time and some effort from my side, so bare with me, it aint an easy task !

“We choose to go to the Moon and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard"
John Kennedy
Many thanks to all participants. I do appologise to those who called me and not hearing, also hope that my contest conduct was fairplay, polite and NOT social distancing too. Feel free to send me an email if otherwise.

Best regards, Gabriel YO8RXP