CQ WW CW 2019 Contest

Cheers all.

This post is all about my experience in 2019 cq ww cw contest after a long 21 years pause.

I do have nice memories about 1998 when I was struggling with home made TCVR , a dipole antenna and just about 4 W TX using obsolete BF458 TV transistors in parallel, and a thermal drifting Colpits VFO. Since I grown up I own a Icom IC7300 and 2 months ago decided to start building my own 1Kw LDMOS amp for this contest and believe me,it  was a hard work indeed against the clock to bare finish it up to the contest.Since all construction cost me about 500 Euros, I was happy with the result but since i did not have time enough to fully test it , I had some strong butterflies in my belly prior to this contest.

Anyway , Friday at 7 PM I put all the gear in the trunk and went to the country house where from I was planning to key up just in 7  Mhz teaming Petrica YO9RIJ  for M2/HP category using YP0HQ. After 1 hour of  minus 6 Celsius temp outside driving with summer tires, I got there then  fast and furious set all rigs, and remeasured my delta loop antenna impedance and another happy moment was to see that did not change a bit , same 51 ohms and + 0.1 x reactance.  Few tests in that band and been truly impressed about nice propagation .Went to sleep about 11:40 PM hoping to wake up at 1:45 AM before contest,but hey !!, I was wrong. Due to extreme fatigue during a hard job week, I woke up  30 minutes after the contest was started, no big deal.Been working for about 4 hours and went to sleep again at 6 am ,couldn’t resist any more.Saturday “morning” at 1 PM I resumed the contest and trying to compensate but had to stop from time to time since an older back pain was messing me up.Strong signals from W ; JA but QSB was strong from S9+ down below S1 in 2 seconds.Most impressed by Cape Verde , Bermuda, MontSerrat,Caicos,Panama,Antigua and Honk Kong operators.China had some good ops also but one of it had his ears clogged of.

Bottom line, this contest was one of if not the greatest on my hamradio life, a lot of new countries, and the brand new amp did not overheated more than 47 C. I could have get a lot more points but hoping  for the best next year when I intend to use wire dual E /W 3 el yagi antenna.

Thanks for all operators keeping CW alive, and  see ya all next year.

Gabriel yo8rxp

P.S. Many tks for Daniel YO8ST and Mike YO3GCL for the great support.

Sorin YO9HVP , was a true friend in need when nobody helped me with a new BLF188xr to replace old one  which I sent into oblivion  transmitting in 28 Mhz with 7 Mhz filter selected.

Sorin, I owe you big time !!! TNX

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