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My home made antenna tower

Goal is to design and build a low height antenna tower , self supported and strong enough to withstand antenna, Ice, winds and my own 110 Kg weight 

12 Meters height

50x50 cm square type

Bottom mount rotator

Vertical aligned ball bearings

Can we home made build it ?

Yes we can do it as long we have welding experience, time and will to DIY

It is expensive ?

That depends of materials, and transport price as well as how deep your wallet is. In Romania based on 2019 prices, lets say 400 Euros give or take.

It is long time resilient ?

It is not finished yet so I cannot tell if will collapse over the house while winter, strong winds and heavy ice.

Let the boys be boys and grown ups to play also ! It is about time to finish up my 2019 started project, The Mighty Radio Tower ! Not so mighty at 12 meters tall but let’s  skip it will ya’ ? Concrete base about 1 cubical meter (actually is a bit bigger), 4 sections 3 meters long each for easy transport and assembly, self supported radio tower. Sounds great aint it ? “Radio tower”…  meaning a radio sitting on top of it  …. right !!

Will support a LZ 9-5  beam 14 – 28 Mhz including warc bands and thinking of placing the rotator at the base using aluminium pipes and 3 pressure cone ball bearings from top to bottom. Also some pulleys  and ropes will help for lower bands wire antennas